Live brilliantly.

The South End

The South End brings together the elements that embody the best of city living. Eclectic restaurants and independent cafes. Parks and pets, not skyscrapers and sprawl. Union Park blanketed in the snow. Peter’s Park blossoming in the spring. Like their fellow South Enders, Girard residents can walk to virtually everything – theatre, concerts, galleries, shops, the waterfront – and still have easy access to the highway when it’s time for a quick getaway. When you make your home at Girard, you’ll join the lucky few who have come to the South End for the chance to live deliberately, spontaneously, creatively – brilliantly.
Colorful history
History is part of what makes the South End magical. The area is home to the Cyclorama Building, which opened in 1884 to captivate Bostonians with a 360-degree diorama of the Civil War and now anchors a vibrant arts scene at the Boston Center for the Arts. The 19th century also saw the construction of what remains the nation’s largest district of Victorian row houses. Throughout its history, the South End has attracted people of diverse lifestyles, backgrounds, and temperaments seeking an exceptional quality of life in the heart of Boston.
The choices are yours
Girard is where you can revel in the modern comforts of home one minute and shop for finds at the SoWa Vintage Market the next. Dine at any of a dozen high-quality restaurants less than 10 minutes away on foot, or hop over to Whole Foods and hunker down for a home-cooked dinner. The choices are yours – and they are virtually limitless.
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